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Rally to Show Support for our Donation Depot!

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Rally to Show Support for our Donation Depot!

There’s now a whole FaceBook Fan Page dedicated to do what fundraisers do best….Send Thanks! This page is for Chalmers Capitol Ford Lincoln, the folks who have been sponsoring free shipment of donations. So go ahead, send a smoke signal to the good folks at Chalmers by adding your comments and kudos too! Go to “We Love the Donation Depot” at


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  1. Judy  December 6, 2011

    Our resources are so limited in these troubled times. I truly want to thank SantaFeDonations for getting the donations from local businesses, AND Chalmers Ford in the auto park for allowing us to have an easy place to pick up our donations at no cost to us. They have been very receptive when we got our donations in the past, and the news is that they are no longer doing this. I so hope this isn’t true because these businesses working together truly do provide a much needed service for our struggling community. THANK YOU!


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