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    Shop Local – Donate Local
  • Updates coming

    SantaFeDonations.com  is not currently giving at this time.

    As always, we want to help the community and inspire “Shop Local, Donate Local”.  We are currently updating our gift certificate distribution system making it quicker and easier to give and get donations in Santa Fe. Stay tuned, updates will be announced when tested.

    Updates coming

PLEASE NOTE: SANTAFEDONATIONS is not currently distributing donations.

Invented to help small businesses easily manage their donations, and receive reciprocal business growth by helping the Santa Fe community, we do not have enough local donors to pay the associated fees to keep this service active. We want to! If you are a restaurant in the Santa Fe area, and would like to have a helping hand printing custom gift certificate donations and distributing them, as you approve, please email us. We look forward to uniting the community again, giving and getting and benefiting BOTH local businesses and the hard-working fundraisers who seek charitable donations. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Over 29,415 gift certificate donation have been distributed through SantaFeDonations.com - an accumulative value of $325,938.60 from 2008 - 2010

SantaFeDonations won the Business Excellence Award just five months after launching in Santa Fe in 2008. SantaFeDonations.com is a DONATION SERVICE, helping businesses make beneficial donations of gift certificates to all local charitable organizations.

Here’s another great resource for area fundraisers, it’s SOFII. They  provide charitable fundraisers everywhere a free and easily accessible archive of the fundraising best practise creativity from around the world. www.sofii.org  For fundraising trends and ideas from around the world, visit the blog at:  http://sofii-foundation.blogspot.com/

This space is reserved for a future advertiser. Community support helps keep this service free for our local nonprofit organizations.

Thank you for providing this important service. Every year our volunteers seek donations from local businesses for raffle prizes for our annual Gala and Galita events. Each year, with the increased number of organizations seeking gifts, their jobs become more difficult. We are grateful that your organization was created to assist both non-profits and businesses in charitable endeavors.Amy Myers, Advancement Associate, National Dance Institute of New Mexico, 1140 Alto Street, Santa Fe, NM 

What a wonderful system you have established. From what I hear from donors, you are doing a superb job at connecting donors with charities! Thank you for your efforts. We are so grateful.Christi Hield, Development Director, Fine Arts for Children & Teens (FACT)

Thanks, you provide a valuable service!Jane Barry, Espanola Animal Shelter